2022-1 KIST Researcher Recruitment Announcement
Since its foundation in 1966, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has been charting the course for the advancement of science and technology in Korea. KIST is looking for creative and passionate researchers in the fields of science and technology to join us in our ongoing quest to promote world-class excellence in research and innovation.
2022. 3. 3
- Those who are not subject to disqualification pursuant to Article 33 of the State Public Officials Act of the Republic of Korea;
- Those who are not disqualified from, or unfit for, traveling abroad;
- (For Korean citizens) Those who have completed their mandatory military service or have been exempted from it*;
* Those currently serving out their military exemption as technical research personnel at KIST are eligible to apply.
- Those with no records of submitting a fraudulent application to a Korean public institution
근무지 모집직종 모집분야 세부내용 인원
연구직 (08) 기술정책
((08) Science and Technology Policy)
- 기술정책 (Science and Technology Policy)
연구직 (07) 청정신기술
((07) Clean Energy)
- 청정신기술 (Clean Energy)
연구직 (03-1) AI·로봇
((03-1) AI/Robotics)
- AI·로봇 (AI and Robotics)
연구직 (06) 첨단소재기술
((06) Advanced Materials)
- 첨단소재기술 (Advanced Materials)
연구직 (05) 바이오·메디컬
((05) Biomedical)
- 바이오·메디컬 (Biomedical)
연구직 (03-2) AI·로봇(Rising Star)
((03-2) AI/Robotics(Rising Star))
- AI·로봇(Rising Star) (AI/Robotics(Rising Star))
연구직 (04) 기후·환경
((04) Climate and Environment)
- 기후·환경 (Climate and Environment)
강릉분원 연구직 (09) 천연물
((09) Natural Products)
- 천연물 (Natural Products)
전북분원 연구직 (10) 복합소재기술
((10) Advanced Composite Materials)
- 복합소재기술 (Advanced Composite Materials)
연구직 (02) 차세대반도체
((02) Next-Generation Semiconductors)
- 차세대반도체 (Next-Generation Semiconductors)
연구직 (01) 뇌과학
((01) Brain Science)
- 뇌과학 (Brain Science)
전형절차 제출서류 시행시기(예정)
Document Screening Mid April (tentative)
Academic Interview Early May (tentative)
Comprehensive Interview Late May (tentative)
Police Background Check / Medical Checkup Early June (tentative)
2022. 03. 03(목)   ~    2022. 03. 18(금)    18:00  까지
A. This recruitment session complies with the Korean government’sBlind Recruitment Policy for Korean public institutions.
B. Persons of Distinguished Services to the State of the Republic of Korea and those with disabilities shall be given preferential treatment in accordance with relevant laws upon submission of documentary evidence.
C. After submitting an online application, all documents required for the recruitment process shall only be submitted online (via email). KIST reserves the right to withdraw a candidate’s appointment offer if the application or submitted documents are found to be fraudulent.
D. In cases of fraudulent application, such as improper solicitation, KIST reserves the right to remove the applicant from the recruitment pool, and the applicant will be banned from applying for any position at KIST for a period of five (5) years.
...(Read Recruitment Announcement for more details.)